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Our Team - Principals


Mauricio Fernández

Principal & Founder

Co-founder of VETA DYNAMIC DEVELOPERS in 2015, a real estate development company based in Queretaro that engages in project management throughout Mexico for national and international clients. He has given several consulting lectures to other Mexican developers and has been invited as a guest speaker at several Real Estate conferences.

Prior to founding VETA, Mauricio served as a business consultant to several construction companies, including a German manufacturing company and a local manufacturing company. In all these positions, he has successfully grown new lines of business and contributed to increasing revenues by strategically implementing new practices and creative business workflows.

Mauricio holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Development from the International University of Bremen in Germany and has several certifications in real estate finance and project management.

Dan B. Madsen

Principal & Founder

Chairman and CEO Dan Madsen has developed a combination of people, platform, and pipeline focused on changing the way business is done.  He is a tireless and inspirational leader with the drive and vision to make One Eighty not only a great company to work with, but also a great company to work for.  Since 1988, his business philosophy has been simple – always put people first and positively impact the lives of employees, customers, and business associates every day.  Dan’s commitment to philanthropy has helped create a culture of giving at One Eighty and his dedication to understanding and helping shape business has led to his involvement as a member of various boards.

Dan B

Feliciano Garciarramos

Principal & Founder

Feliciano Garciarramos was founder and CEO of FIBRA HD, a real estate investment trust established in June 2015. FIBRA HD consolidated a diversified portfolio, distributed in the commercial, industrial, office and educational sectors, with presence throughout most of the country.

He previously served for 10 years as Director of Capital Markets at Colliers International, as Deputy Director at Protego Asesores and as an analyst at Banco de México and Banco de Obras y Servicios Públicos (BANOBRAS). He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial and real estate sectors, having participated as an advisor or investor in several real estate transactions.

He was also a member of the Mexican Association of Real Estate FIBRAs (AMEFIBRA) and participates in various committees of private companies and foundations.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Finance from Columbia University in New York.

Alejandro Ramírez

Principal & Founder

Founder of VETA Asset Intelligence, a real estate consulting firm based in the city of Queretaro, which offers a fully integrated service platform, providing business solutions through 4 revenue drivers; brokerage, development, land acquisition and projects, real estate intelligence and real estate services. With full confidence in his business approach and methodologies, he is committed to bring about a major change in the way real estate business is conducted in Mexico.

Previously, Alejandro worked at Kiva Grupo Inmobiliario for 5 years, a mixed-use Real Estate development company, as Regional General Director of the Bajio area, in charge of managing all the areas involved in successful project completion. He worked at JLL Mexico for 6 years as Associate Director, becoming an outstanding generator throughout his stay.

Alejandro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City, Mexico) and obtained a Master’s Degree in Real Estate from CEU Business School (Madrid, Spain) in 2010.


Carlos González

Principal & Founder

Founder of GOMA, a boutique architecture firm with a signature brand, he has been able to develop single and multi-family housing designs that have been recognized and praised. He is involved in several businesses, a brewery and as a consultant for a travel company. Prior to financing GOMA, Carlos has developed different projects in the Riviera Maya and Mexico City. He also participates as an investor and consultant in a Start-Up investment company, which continues to bring interesting and innovative ideas to fruition.

Carlos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Anahuac University in Mexico City and a Specialization in Intelligent Design. He is constantly invited as a guest judge in architectural design tournaments and has gained notoriety for his innovative designs in high-end properties.

Estanislao Mercado

Principal & Founder

Partner and new project director for GEMA, a business group with operations both in Mexico and the US. He has participated in the development of projects in different industries such as logistics, food and beverage and real estate with the focus on Adult Living communities. Tanis and his family made a partnership with One Eighty and introduced their services to Mexico. He has worked hand in hand with the One Eighty Mexico team during the last years understanding the requirements of each project and coordinating the communication between their teams. 

For the last 20 years, Tanis has been actively involved with different foundations and non profits developing projects with social-ecological-economical bottom lines. He is the founder of a non-profit that focused on projects that created steady incomes sources for families in critical areas throughout Mexico with very high poverty levels. He collaborated as an external advisor for the Minister of Social Development at a federal level during 2010 to 2012.  Tanis holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Souther California (USC) in Los Angeles and has completed multiple courses in learning and cognitive processes.