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About Us

VETA Real Estate Management is a real estate investment management company that offers investment opportunities, primarily in senior housing. We also invest in boutique hotels that complement our senior housing projects. Working closely with our strategic partners, we identify, underwrite, acquire, develop, improve, and manage our properties to generate solid and consistent risk-adjusted investment returns.

Fund Objectives and Strenghts


Stabilized, value-add/opportunistic, and development.

We aim to preserve our investors’ capital by investing in high-quality senior housing communities that have long-term growth potential and generate stable cash flows.

Our objective is to achieve capital appreciation through the acquisition, development, and management of senior housing communities in high-growth markets.

We target attractive yields and cash-on-cash returns for our investors through active asset management and risk management strategies.

Our focus is on investing in the highly fragmented senior housing market, which offers numerous investment opportunities across multiple geographies, care types, and different types of senior living communities.

We seek to achieve diversification through a well-balanced portfolio of senior housing investments, including independent living, assisted living & memory care across multiple geographies.

Our investments are driven by strong demographic trends, including the aging population and increasing demand for specialized care facilities.

We actively manage our investments to optimize performance, including renovations and upgrades, repositioning, and operational improvements.

We implement risk management strategies to mitigate potential risks associated with investing in real estate, including market fluctuations, changes in interest rates, changes in regulatory requirements, and unforeseen events such as natural disasters.


Institutional vehicle

We offer an institutional-quality investment vehicle for individuals and institutional investors looking to invest in senior housing and boutique hotels that complement them.

Low market correlation

Investing in real estate assets with low correlation to the stock market can help investors achieve greater diversification and risk-adjusted returns.

Experienced operator

Leading operator and developer of adult communities. This allows for exceptional services to be provided to residents and creates innovative and high-quality communities for them to enjoy.

Lack of reliance on economic or real estate environment

Our strategy is designed to be resilient to changes in economic and real estate environments, offering opportunities for risk-adjusted returns.

Risk-adjusted opportunities

Our investment approach includes a diversified mix, providing investors with a range of risk-adjusted options.

Benefits from a massive demographic wave

The aging of the population is driving demand for senior housing and related services, providing a strong tailwind for VETA investment strategy.

Strong demographics

The growing demand for senior housing is supported by strong demographic trends, such as increasing life expectancies and aging populations.

Focus on positive cash flow properties

We focus on investing in properties that generate positive cash flow, providing investors with reliable income streams and the potential for capital appreciation over the long term.