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ESG Strategy

Environmental, Social & Governance


At VETA Real Estate Fund we understand the importance of establishing a robust ESG strategy with the greatest possible impact. An ESG fund not only adheres to environmental, social and governance ideals, but must also implement best practices and have a Responsible Investment Policy.

VETA Real Estate Fund, through ESG guidelines, offers:

-Stakeholder clarity.

-Materiality analyses to define the most relevant issues for the fund and its stakeholders.

-The development of policies, performance indicators and objectives for material issues according to the ESG strategy.

-Resource optimization on strategies that generate the greatest benefit for everyone, as well as recognizing potential risks from opportunity assessment to day-to-day operations.

With a diverse Management Team, a responsible approach, and adherence to ESG ideals, the fund aims to integrate projects that make substantial contributions to the environmental, social and governance development of our environment.

 "Thinking about ESG factors ensures an additional layer of investment process screening to mitigate any risks that may not necessarily be evident in standardized financial metrics."